1999 PJW State Tournament Bracket Results

Links to the final brackets from the 1999 Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling State Tournament are shown below.   The links bring up a page that has a "GIF" image of the bracket.   Generally, these images can be printed on one page, depending on the printer you have.

TIP:  to fit it on one page, you can choose "Page Setup" under the Netscape file menu (or in Internet Explorer) and set the "Scale" to 93%.  This should allow you to get all of the data on the page.

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1999 PJW Brackets  
11 & 12
60 pounds
65 pounds
70 pounds
75 pounds
80 pounds
85 pounds
90 pounds
95 pounds
100 pounds
105 pounds
115 pounds
125 pounds
140 pounds
160 pounds